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SAMI was founded in 1996 to help businesses and organizations achieve and sustain the highest levels of performance, by developing an engagement model and methods to harness the capabilities and insights of the client’s team.  The engagement model is still employed today and has consistently produced sustainable performance improvements in diverse industries across six continents.

SAMI developed a new category of performance improvement related to Asset Healthcare.  The Asset Healthcare triangle was the predecessor of our current Pyramid model.  Asset Healthcare improvement projects garnered broader support across functional boundaries and proved to be highly effective.  After a decade of implementing and refining the Asset Healthcare model, SAMI expanded its service offering to include the remaining side of the current Pyramid model.  Recognizing that the other functional areas beyond maintenance and reliability had their own unique challenges to support the concept of strategic asset management.

The SAMI Pyramid model was foundational to the development of the ‘Performance Culture.’  The Performance Culture is an aspirational state of continuous improvement for an organization that is the organizing principle for all of our work.  Whether we engage our clients through specific functional opportunities or at a higher level or organizational performance, the concept of refined business processes supported by best behaviors with consistent  governance creates a platform for optimizing performance in any industry.

SAMI was headquartered in the U.S.A. in Farmington, CT, for our first 20 years.  We have since relocated WHQ to the greater New Orleans metro area to take advantage of the proximity to the majority of our client base.

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