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Our goal is to help your company achieve and sustain the highest level of performance. Of course, summarizing that goal into a single sentence is one thing, while actually making it happen is something else. But SAMI has over 20 years of success behind it and more than 300 years of combined experience from on-staff professionals who have devoted their careers to organizational improvement. And what that means is that we can make it happen. We do it all the time, for some of the most prominent and complex industrial organizations around the world. Read some of our case studies to see what we mean.

Our unique approach to organizational improvement will transform all levels of your operation—from manufacturing procedures to employee culture to hundreds of processes and initiatives in between. Our proprietary, time-tested processes, models and tools will help you achieve sustainable benefits and build what we call a Performance Culture. We accomplish this through a systematic approach that modifies leadership performances and functional behaviors. Many of these approaches are described in our newsletters and publications.

The specific path to Performance Culture varies for each company, but typically includes organizational alignment initiatives, personnel development, efficiency enhancements, optimized cost structures, excellent return on investment and improved production volume across the board. Functional and beneficial behaviors that drive sustainable results are identified and applied throughout the organization. Performance gaps are closed, employee satisfaction and motivation are elevated, and continuous improvement becomes part of the daily culture.

Your success depends upon your strategic asset management. That, in fact, is what the SAM in SAMI stands for. Our proprietary tools include APEX behavioral tracking software, and the SAMI Pyramid, which represents a complete solution for excellence in any industrial environment. Production, Maintenance, Supply Chain and Capital Management are fully addressed by the Pyramid’s functional sides. The base—the Organizational Model—develops the necessary leadership, management and behavioral elements to support outstanding results.
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