SAMI Corporation

Elevate Your Performance

We are an operational management consulting firm that assists organizations in improving performance by aligning functional processes and modifying the associated human behaviors.

the performance culture diagram

Where We Start

Typically we find that organizations exist in a reactive state where processes and behaviors are unaligned. Daily activities are primarily emergent with priorities set hourly depending on production requirements and the condition of the assets. We begin the process of implementing a Performance Culture by assessing the current state of organizational performance against the four Performance Culture domains.

What We Do

Our Performance Culture experts then begin the process of implementing by aligning functional processes and employee behaviors. Through the utilization of our APDISC Process, Pyramid Model and APEX software tool we implement permanent sustainable changes that will improve overall performance.

The Result

The end result is a fully implemented Performance Culture. Behaviors and functional processes that drive elevated production volume and continuous improvement becomes part of the daily organizational culture, all resulting in an excellent return on investment.

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