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SAMI was founded in 1996 to help businesses and organizations achieve and sustain the highest levels of performance, in both their processes and their organizational cultures. Our name is an acronym for Strategic Asset Management Inc., which is just another way of saying that we help get your corporate house in order so that you can grow your business to the level you and your employees deserve.

The members of our management team are among the most experienced professionals in process improvement and sustainability. They come from industries as diverse as equipment manufacturing and atomic energy to aerospace and healthcare, possess advanced degrees in finance, physics and engineering, and are committed to working one-on-one with every client to achieve only the highest levels of improvement and success.

SAMI uses advanced programs, methodologies and tools to build the ‘Performance Culture’—such as APEX behavioral tracking software. Our programs and tools have proven to work time after time, all of which are continually refined and updated to assure only the most successful outcomes. Clients such as Constellation Energy, ESSO Imperial Oil, Marafiq and Sucrogen have clearly and decisively benefitted from letting SAMI take them on an upward journey to process and culture improvement.

We focus on enhancing processes and modifying behaviors at all levels of an organization in order to achieve sustainable improvements. As part of that journey we identify and close performance gaps, create safe and effective work environments, eliminate sources of loss and inefficiency, and build employee atmospheres of motivation and satisfaction.

The SAMI Pyramid, another key element of the ‘Performance Culture,’ is built on Production, Asset Healthcare, Supply Chain and Capital Management, and represents a complete solution for excellence in any industrial environment. Effective leadership, management and behavioral elements comprise the pyramid’s base, and when all the proper elements are in place, that base will ably support the rest of the organization, with outstanding results. All together, the sides of the SAMI Pyramid represent the most comprehensive solution available today for industry.

Headquartered in the U.S.A. in Kenner, LA, SAMI is a global firm with operational capabilities in Europe, Asia, India, South America, Australia and the Middle East.

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